Stonking Tuesday Celebrity News Round-Up

Taylor Lautner takes a stonking stand against online trolling:

Taylor Lautner recently took to Instagram to address negative comments he received on his posts, sharing a powerful message about the impact of online trolling. He urged his followers to know their value and not let hurtful words affect them​1​.

Joe Jonas talks about his stonking relationship with Taylor Swift:

In a recent episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, Joe Jonas revealed that he’s on good terms with Taylor Swift, several years after their infamous phone call breakup. He even expressed hope that Swift’s fanbase, the Swifties, like him despite their past​2​.

Florence Pugh embraces authenticity:

Florence Pugh has been making a bold statement about maintaining control of her image in the spotlight, choosing to showcase all aspects of her life – the glamorous and the not-so-glamorous. By sharing as many photos of her casual, everyday life as her red carpet events, she aims to prevent tabloids from profiting off of “catching her out” and instead provide a genuine representation of herself to her fans​3​.

HBO Max undergoes a stonking transformation:

The streaming service HBO Max will be merging with Discovery+ and relaunching as ‘Max’ on Tuesday, May 23. The changes promise to be seamless for existing subscribers, with all account details, viewing history, and personal lists being transferred to the new platform automatically. Despite the change in name and merging of services, the subscription model will remain the same​4​​5​​6​​7​.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle respond to stonking car chase allegations:

Last week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were involved in a reported two-hour car chase, sparking speculation about whether the incident was a PR stunt. The couple’s representative released a statement dismissing these allegations as ‘abhorrent’, especially considering the Duke’s family history. The cab driver involved in the incident stated that he felt scared during the event, adding a layer of credibility to the couple’s claims​8​​9​​10​​11​.

This concludes our celebrity news round-up for today. Stay tuned for more stonking updates and remember, the world of entertainment never sleeps!