Microsoft’s Bing Amps Up ChatGPT With Stonking New Internet Access

Microsoft’s Bing is making a stonking move to supercharge OpenAI’s language model, ChatGPT, by connecting it to the internet for all users. Unveiled at the 2023 Microsoft Build conference, this development promises to deliver real-time, up-to-the-minute answers from the web, all powered by Bing​1​.

Before this stonking development, ChatGPT relied on a dataset that stopped updating in September 2021. This meant that while it was excellent at discussing a wide range of subjects, it sometimes faltered when asked about recent events. OpenAI addressed this issue partially in March by releasing a web browsing plugin for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, providing internet access via Bing’s API. Now, Bing is becoming a native part of the chat, ensuring up-to-date, spot-on answers that include web data and citations, similar to those in Bing chat responses​2​.

But the stonking developments don’t stop there. The Microsoft/OpenAI collaboration is also creating a platform that allows developers to build plugins for both ChatGPT and Bing, along with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Windows Copilot. This means that the AI abilities of Windows 11 will be enhanced with Bing chat and a whole suite of interoperable plugins​3​.

Despite Bing not being everyone’s first choice, its integration with ChatGPT is a stonking upgrade, bringing ChatGPT’s knowledge base into the present. This improvement is vital in our fast-paced world where information changes rapidly across all sectors​4​.

Interestingly, ChatGPT is nurtured and hosted on Microsoft’s cloud developer platform, Azure. This platform is stonkingly equipped with cutting-edge developer tools and unique features that are not found in other major cloud infrastructures. Azure even supports Nvidia Hopper and InfiniBand Quantum-2 400Gbps networking, both of which significantly boost AI computation​5​​6​.

This Bing integration is a stonking step towards bridging the gap between Microsoft and OpenAI. Developers can now create plugins and AI applications that function seamlessly across Microsoft’s AI-enabled apps, including the 365 suite and the Windows 11 Bing AI sidebar​7​. Plus, ChatGPT can now work with plugins from various companies like Expedia, Instacart, TripAdvisor, and more, providing users with the ability to research and manage tasks like hotel or event bookings​8​.

This Bing/ChatGPT integration is part of Microsoft’s larger AI initiative. The company plans to bake AI directly into Windows 11, giving users the ability to ask a chatbot to tweak PC settings, launch apps, or select a music playlist. They’re also aiming to expand the AI offerings in their Microsoft Store for Windows 11 and introduce Microsoft Fabric, a new analytics platform powered by a language model, for enterprise customers​9​​10​.

All in all, this stonking move shows Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing its AI capabilities and offering users more interactive and intelligent services. The Bing/ChatGPT integration doesn’t just improve ChatGPT’s ability to provide current information; it also positions Microsoft as a leader in the exciting realm of internet-accessible AI.