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Police ‘betray’ CSA survivor by referring his son to social services

Detective tells witness: people sexually abused as children more likely to be paedophiles

By Tim Wood | 7 September 2015

Police ‘betray’ CSA survivor by referring his son to social servicesPolice are accused of the “betrayal” of a witness who alleges abuse by VIP paedophiles after a detective referred his baby son to social services.

According to the witness, known as “Darren” to protect his identity, a detective from Suffolk Constabulary told him that he had made the referral because survivors of child sex abuse (CSA) are more likely to be paedophiles themselves.

A police source corroborated Darren’s claim, saying that the officer told him: “Statistics show that a large number of survivors of abuse do go on to be abusers.”

Darren called it a “betrayal of trust”. He has withdrawn co-operation with Suffolk police, who were investigating his allegations under ‘Operation Millpond’.

He told Exaro: “My case demonstrates how much police still have to learn in their dealings with survivors.”

Graham Wilmer, co-founder of the Lantern Project, a charity for abuse survivors, has been providing support to Darren and was outraged by the police move.

He told Exaro: “What that policeman said is inexcusable. It is completely wrong, not only in principle, but research carried out in child sexual abuse does not support it. Also, it is dangerous because it will deter victims from coming forward.”

He added: “I am appalled by it.”

Darren was the third witness to give an account to Exaro of how MPs and other men carried out sexual abuse at Dolphin Square, the apartment complex near Parliament.

Exaro revealed in June that police interviewed Charles Napier, the convicted paedophile, in prison under Operation Millpond.

Last December, Napier was jailed for 13 years after pleading guilty to 31 charges of sexual assault against 23 boys. His prosecution resulted from police investigations into claims that prominent people had sexually abused children.

Darren claimed that Peter Righton, the late former government advisor on child care, took him as a boy to Dolphin Square to be abused by men. He also alleged that Righton forced him to give oral sex to Napier at Thornham Magna, the estate in Suffolk of the late Lord Henniker, a former UK ambassador.

Righton was a founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which promoted sex with children. He was convicted of possessing obscene images of children.

Tom Watson, Labour MP, suggested in Parliament in 2012 that Righton was also central to a paedophile ring linked to senior political figures.

Suffolk police were also looking into allegations that Righton carried out a sadistic murder while living in hiding at Thornham Magna.

Exaro can reveal that Suffolk police have interviewed half a dozen suspects under caution as part of their investigation into Darren’s claims.

The investigating officer said to Darren that police “believe totally” what he had been telling them.

A police source confirmed Darren’s claim.

However, the officer also accused Darren of becoming obsessed by his case. Police were “duty bound” to refer his baby son to social services because of “genuine concerns” for the boy’s welfare.

Darren said: “I was horrified. I told him that he was being ridiculous. Just because you are a survivor of abuse, you are sort of labelled as someone who could potentially abuse someone.”

“He appeared to be suggesting that I was causing my son emotional harm. I was astounded as my son is still a baby, and is not even walking yet.”

“I feel that this was done to silence me.”

Sources at Suffolk county council’s social services department told Exaro that it had dismissed the referral, believing that it did not even warrant an assessment.

We arranged for a social worker known to Exaro to visit Darren’s family to make an assessment, which found absolutely no grounds for concern about the welfare of his baby son.

The investigating officer asked Darren for his permission to access his medical records.

But Darren told Exaro: “After he referred my son to social services, there was no way I was giving this man access to anything.”

Police have halted the investigation as a result, having been unable to substantiate Darren’s claims.

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “The referral of this man’s son was made out of a duty of care.”

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard continues to investigate claims made by another abuse survivor, “Nick”, under ‘Operation Midland’.

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