Forget Google and Bing, AI search, chat, and apps is the coolest new thing

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How does make money?

One of the first concerns I have about any new search engine is how it makes money and in that regard is different from Google and Bing.

At the moment is focused on building the best possible search experience and will be exploring monetization ideas in the future, they have no ads at the moment and none of the results get preferential treatment due to advertising. claims they’ll never have targeted, privacy-invading ads or follow you around the Internet or sell data.

If you search for an item that can be bought, you may see an ad, but it won’t be linked to you and it won’t invade privacy because it’s likely just an affiliate link and doesn’t rank products in any way.

The order of content

The order of content returned is based on a combination of relevancy and your personal preferences if you’ve set them in personal mode. is currently working on that system and their AI is updating frequently based on feedback.

Overall is a search engine that summarizes the best parts of the Internet without ads and with privacy as a priority, the AI helps you find the most relevant results from the web and apps that you can sort and prioritize for optimum search experience. believes that you should control your search: your privacy, results, and time.

Private, Customized, Summarized

Private – No sensitive data is stored. The only data stored is used to improve search and never sold or distributed to third parties.

Customized – Signing in to gives you control over what types of websites you want to see in your results. Over time, search results get better and better with the help of AI and your preferences.

Summarized – Websites and sources are presented as “Apps” on the search results to discover answers at a glance, dive deep into specific findings, or take action directly from search results. The novel interface enables both vertical and horizontal scroll to see more with fewer clicks.

Who is for? is the only search engine that you can properly customize. It also summarizes the best parts of the Internet for you, without advertisements that invade your privacy. With you have complete control of the results you want to see and how private you want to be.

There are two modes:

Private mode: Zero data collection

Personal mode: The AI will help you find the most relevant apps, and you can customize apps and sources you want to see.

In either mode, never sells your data and doesn’t track you across the internet.

Privacy Features Comparison

The following table shows a privacy comparison between Google, personal mode, Duck Duck Go, and private mode.

Forget Google and Bing, AI search, chat, and apps is the coolest new thing - privacy comparison aim is to make life easier by summarizing the web for you, eliminating the need to open multiple tabs and allowing you to define your preferred sources, and whenever possible, showing you results from the sources you prefer first, saving you time.

The apps

You can discover all the apps here and at the time of this post there were 150+ of them, which is amazing.

Forget Google and Bing, AI search, chat, and apps is the coolest new thing - discover apps

So what are you waiting for!? Head on over to and take it for a spin!