French startup Qarnot has unveiled a new heater specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining. Qarnot’s QC-1 model is a stonking heater for your home that features a passive computer inside that’s optimized for mining.

The heat of the QC-1 is generated by the 2 graphics cards embedded in the device and mining crypto-currencies or blockchain transactions: while heating, you create money. You can watch in real time how crypto markets are trending, on your mobile app and on your QC-1 LEDs.


The QC-1 crypto heater is the only one in the market to be perfectly noiseless. It doesn’t embed any mobile part (no fans, no hard drives). This system, developed by Qarnot, is IP-protected. Designed as a plug-and-mine device, the heater can be set up in only 10 minutes.


Your crypto heater can be controlled remotely via an app.

Let’s face it, cryptocurrency mining generates a lot of heat and the more decentralization that exists the better and safer crypto is for everyone.

From a keeping warm and making bank at the same time perspective it makes sense but from a decentralization perspective it makes even more sense.

Want to buy one?

Have your €2,900 ($3,573 USD) ready and get your Qarnot QC-1 here.

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