Game Feed Goes Live at Reddit /r/GameFeed

Best Games Subreddit

Reddit is one of our favourite places to discover and discuss new games so we were please to see this new subreddit come online, while it’s just getting started it’s already a better experience than some of the other reddit gaming communities.

The Game Feed subreddit went live last week and normally that’s not news but what’s different about this subreddit is that “the posts are curated by AI before they get posted to reddit” said Redditor /u/Corsterix, “the goal is to increase the quality and relevance of what gets posted” he continued.

It’s a public subreddit so you can post whatever you like too but it had better be high quality or it will get removed fast.  If you’re interested in becoming a moderator get in touch with /u/Corsterix and let him know we sent you.

The /r/GameFeed subreddit has a nice clean design that makes it easy for redditors to discern what’s relevant to them.  Videos, articles and news are clearly marked.

Best Gaming Subreddit

Another other cool thing about this subreddit is you don’t have to leave reddit itself, just click on the green play button and watch a live YouTube stream or video.  This is awesome because then you can just start commenting like you would for any other post.

Best Gaming Subreddit

And of course deals…

Best Gaming Subreddit

All deals are flaired in green.

Bad news for traffic sources with paywalls, you’re banned.  This is becoming increasingly common in subreddits, so if you’re a big brand you should probably start paying attention to this little detail – that’s billions of redditors who aren’t going to see your content.

You can go get your game on at /r/GameFeed



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