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fortnite season 9 wid nogla wildcat basically puffer

why should I become a member?
• Mainly do it if you want to support what I do.
• Sponsors do get a badge in chat and emojis to use.
• I’ll game with Sponsors from time to time when possible.
• Once chat is in Sponsor Mode only only Sponsors can chat.
• They also get in my discord server with exclusive chat for Sponsors.
• Those in the special sponsorship will be entered in giveaways from time to time!

How I connect to Discord?
• http://discord.gg/daithi (Link your YouTube account to Discord)
• Click on your user settings (bottom left on screen)
• Select “Connections” tab, and click the YouTube Gaming icon and “connect.”
• The sync is not instant; it may take up to a few hours.

Question & Answer:
What are the rules for chat?
• Be respectful to others.
• No website links/referrals
• No racism/sexism etc
• No follow/sub requests

When do you stream?
• Whenever I can/want!

What do you use for pop up Super Chat & Sponsors?
• https://streamlabs.com/daithidenogla

And as always I hope ye enjoyed ^_^

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