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Stonking News – Claim Your Free Web Page or Sub-Domain

Stonking News - We Have a Shiny New Name If your old page expired and you want a new stonking web page then please get...

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are here, in the flesh. Worth the upgrade?

Third Thumb Changes the Prosthetics Game

London-based product designer, Dani Clode designed a stonking third thumb to change the way people think about prosthetics. Clode believes that prosthetics extent a...

Google Clips Review

Google Clips is a new kind of camera that uses algorithms to automatically capture important moments in your life. But it may be biting...

Rescued Chimp Helps Out on Flight over Africa

Mussa, a stonking baby chimpanzee rescued from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, appeared to be making the most of his flight to...

Watch what Whipped Cream Does in a Vacuum Chamber

In today's stonking video we find out if you can de-whip whipped cream and meringue in a low pressure environment.

Cut for Time: Star Warriors

The Mos Eisley Five (Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon, Charles Barkley) try to make a deal with Goba (Kenan Thompson) to free a captured pilot...

Friendly Arctic Fox Greets Explorers

In the frozen landscape of the Canadian Arctic, this stonking Arctic fox got curious about one human visitor. The Arctic fox, also known as the...