Home Mobile Air's app lets you record and store unlimited video with your phone

Air’s app lets you record and store unlimited video with your phone

Stonking Air AppAir moves your videos to the cloud

Tired of “storage full” notifications? On Air, all of your videos are instantly stored in the cloud and removed from your phone. Clips never compete for space with your apps and you can access your videos online using any device.

Always record in Ultra HD quality

Most phones automatically record video in lower resolutions in order to save you space. On Air you’ll always record in 4K Ultra HD. These videos are going to be around for your grand-kids so they should always be captured in the highest quality.

Stonking Air

Easily build your family video library

Your videos are scattered across old hard drives and forgotten devices. Keep every memory safe with Air’s secure cloud storage solution. Air backs up every video so you can always sleep easy.

Air’s getting good reviews so far

Air Reviews

We think Air’s a stonking app, go check it out.

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