Meaning of Stonking
Stonking is a Commonly Used British Adjective

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Stonking News launched in March 2018.  We’re an aspiring multi-platform news media and entertainment business for social good.  Meaning we measure our success by the positive impact we can have on people and the environment.

Our founders are from the UK and we’ve made it our social business to spread British culture far and wide, and setting out to achieve that goal began with our name.

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We’re a tiny business trying to grow into a large social business for good that can help the environment and help people achieve their goals, and we won’t get there without support from like-minded individuals.

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Short-Term Goals

  1. Produce frequent high-quality content
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  4. Attempt to hire and pay using Bitcoin
  5. Improve user experience

Right now the quality of our content is nowhere near where it needs to be, because we just don’t have the writers to do it.  Developing mutually beneficial relationships with writers is a very high priority, second only to raising capital to pay them.

One of the fastest ways to grow stonking is to acquire websites that already have content and a visitor base we can rebrand, we’ve already done some of this but we need capital to do more.  This is the main reason we need donations.

We care a lot about decentralization and we want to play a role in raising awareness about decentralized technologies and educating the masses about the benefits of doing so.  We will be attempting to obtain Bitcoin from donors for this reason and our hope is that we can also hire people and pay them with Bitcoin.  It would be amazing if we could run our entire business with Bitcoin alone so we’re going to give it a shot.

What Stonking Means

Stonking is a British adjective used to emphasize something impressive, exciting or very large.  It’s meaning is well-established in Britain and is derived from the 1940’s verb stonk which was British Army slang for concentrated artillery bombardment.

Stonking became a popular expression in Britain after the Second World War, probably because of those very powerful consonant sounds.  Say stonking out loud a few times and you’ll discover what a wonderfully powerful word it is.  Which is why we use it!

How to use Stonking

Starman’s Tesla is stonking!
The Sound of Silence is stonking!
Equifax’s cyber security had stonking big holes!

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