Here are the stonking games that Trump missed:

1 – GTA V
How did they miss this one out? The Grand Theft Auto series is the go-to victim for real-life catastrophes. You can go on a rampage with an assault rifle, mowing down civilians and police. In fact, you’re rewarded for doing so.

Completing the game involves taking part in gang wars and assassinating high-ranking targets. If people get in your way, regardless of whether they’re innocent or guilty, a quick bullet to the head is always the best solution. Missions take you to airports, university campuses, and other common targets of real-life incidents.

Then there’s the online mode, where you rank up and earn money for completing heists and other illegal activities, which more often than not, require you to shoot people!

2 – Bulletstorm
Recently remastered, Bulletstorm is a game that rewards skillfully killing enemies. Points are awarded for unique methods of murder, and slow motion is used to really allow for that gore to shine through.

Players aiming for high scores will have to learn how to combo skill-kills together, studying which methods of dismemberment work best. Yes, it’s over the top and, like all video games, not to be taken seriously and applied to real life, but I can see it making a great addition to a violent video game montage.

3 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Though pretty tame in the amount of blood and gore on offer, PUBG is insanely popular, and shows what the majority of gamers want to play. Is it normal for people to flock towards a game that drops 100 players onto an island, forcing them to scavenge for guns, murdering one another before all but one team is left standing? I don’t know. I could see that worrying some folks.

PUBG’s post-nuclear war, dystopian world doesn’t encourage players to work together to rebuild society or anything like that — which, of course, would make for awful gameplay — but instead teaches that guns are the key to surviving in the hostile world, and that killing everyone else is the right thing to do.

4 – Hitman
The king of premeditated murder is Hitman. This bloke has to enter public spaces, silently carry out an assassination, and get out. However, that isn’t the only way to play Hitman. The game doesn’t force you to restart when your cover is blown. Instead, your best bet is to swap out that small handgun you’ve been concealing, and whip out a powerful automatic rifle instead.

Now that the Silent Assassin Rating is out of the window, civilians become witnesses that need to be killed, and police are obstacles in the way of the exit. Whether you’re in a hotel, a nightclub, or stood in the middle of a crowded parade, whipping out a weapon is often a fun thing to do.

5 – Resident Evil 7 VR
I wanted to include a VR game on this list, as they really put the player inside of the main character’s head. Resident Evil 7 VR is arguably the most terrifying game I’ve ever played, and the virtual reality aspect played a huge part in scaring the crap out of me.

Resi 7 is also super violent. These deranged family members put you through absolute physical and mental hell… Thankfully, there’s a solution, and yep, it’s to fight violence with violence.

Seeing heads pop in Resi 7 VR is the closest I’ve come to being properly grossed out by a game. It’s a bit too realistic and in your face, some might say.


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